The Red Ballroom CorsetThe Red Ballroom Corset
Sold out

The Red Ballroom Corset

£40.00 GBP £49.00 GBP
Tuscany Rose Corset DressTuscany Rose Corset Dress
Sold out
The Red Ballroom SkirtThe Red Ballroom Skirt
Sold out

The Red Ballroom Skirt

£52.00 GBP £64.00 GBP
Summer Night Beach DressSummer Night Beach Dress
Sold out
Miss Puff Knit PantskirtMiss Puff Knit Pantskirt

Miss Puff Knit Pantskirt

£28.00 GBP £35.00 GBP
Miss Puff Knit CardiganMiss Puff Knit Cardigan

Miss Puff Knit Cardigan

£24.00 GBP £29.00 GBP
Miss Puff Knit CamiMiss Puff Knit Cami

Miss Puff Knit Cami

£16.00 GBP £20.00 GBP
Hand-embroidered cardiganHand-embroidered cardigan

Hand-embroidered cardigan

£56.00 GBP £79.00 GBP
Sweet Nectar Cardigan - LaceMadeSweet Nectar Cardigan - LaceMade
Sold out

Sweet Nectar Cardigan

£55.00 GBP £79.00 GBP
Esther DressEsther Dress

Esther Dress

£77.00 GBP
Elpis DressElpis Dress

Elpis Dress

£109.00 GBP
Elpis CorsetElpis Corset

Elpis Corset

£69.00 GBP
Waxberry Knit BroochWaxberry Knit Brooch
Sold out
Pear Blossom CorsetPear Blossom Corset
Sold out

Pear Blossom Corset

£49.00 GBP
White Pearl Corset DressWhite Pearl Corset Dress
Sold out
Garden of Oz DressGarden of Oz Dress
Sold out

Garden of Oz Dress

£109.00 GBP
Princess Laurel Corset DressPrincess Laurel Corset Dress
Sold out
Princess Laurel CardiganPrincess Laurel Cardigan
Sold out
Honeygreen Manor Knit CardiganHoneygreen Manor Knit Cardigan
Sold out
Sweet Grape DressSweet Grape Dress
Sold out

Sweet Grape Dress

£52.00 GBP £69.00 GBP
Rose Garden Corset DressRose Garden Corset Dress

Rose Garden Corset Dress

£96.00 GBP £119.00 GBP
Red Cherry Ear Stud & ClipRed Cherry Ear Stud & Clip
Sold out
San Francisco Diary PantsSan Francisco Diary Pants
Sold out
Love Pheromone CorsetLove Pheromone Corset
Sold out
Princess Merlin DressPrincess Merlin Dress
Sold out
Fox Cotton ScarfFox Cotton Scarf

Fox Cotton Scarf

£59.00 GBP
Pink Parterre Knit DressPink Parterre Knit Dress - LaceMade
Sold out
Green Kite DressGreen Kite Dress - LaceMade
Sold out

Green Kite Dress

£154.00 GBP
Maple leaf Double-faced Overcoat - LaceMadeMaple leaf Double-faced Overcoat - LaceMade

Maple leaf Double-faced Overcoat

£142.00 GBP £245.00 GBP
Knight Lady Double-faced OverCoatKnight Lady Double-faced OverCoat

Knight Lady Double-faced OverCoat

£148.00 GBP £285.00 GBP

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